Just being close to you, sharing the air with you
Even if we’re just friends
There’s always a question in my mind
I want to know your feelings
I just can’t tell you how much I love you
I know I’m just no one
I know it can’t be possible
There’s no hope for me, no matter what
No matter how hard I’ve tried, you wouldn’t love me
And soon, all my hopes will be faded away
Even I love you this much, it’s just meaningless to you
I’d just been hoping too much that someday you’d love me, too
Despite the fact that it’s impossible, and I’m not the one for you,
it’s still okay
Let me just keep you in my heart till the time ends
Don’t know how long will it take for me to erase you from my mind
Don’t know when will I be able to love again

Listen, if someday you’ve already find your ‘dearyou’ please don’t ignore me, let me to be able to see your smile and ‘its’ friend from afar.


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