Ada Rindu

Dalam benak ada rindu. Dari sepotong sapa yang tak berkelanjut kata. Kamu, apa kabar disana? Pernahkah sedikit kamu menanyakan juga kabarku disini. Sehitungan detik mengingat tentang aku? Merindukan ku? Banyak bertanya terkadang tak baik untuk pikiran. Maka aku hanya bisa diam. Esok lusa akan jadi hari bahagia. Semoga kamu tidak kekurangan rasa bahagia itu, bukan hanya untuk esok lusa tapi untuk selamanya. Rindu menumpuk setiap harinya untuk kamu, sayangnya aku hanya bisa bertanya dalam diri: bolehkah aku begitu? adakah kamu juga begitu?

Baik-baik disana. Berbahagialah. Disini ada rindu untuk kamu.


6 thoughts on “Ada Rindu

  1. I would to say hi to you what I call stop-crying-gurl 😀
    keep smiling upon your sadness, gimme more your impressing story BUT, never to judge yourself. seems like JB’s song One less lonely girl. because human being, get your day with your smile girl, you’re not able to be lonely. keep struggling and moving!
    There’s gonna be one less lonely girl 😀

  2. is that a lyric? or your words?hahaa. am not crying, boy. sometimes i just feel disappointed and tired, maybe I should stop being like this. I believe love never hurts, expectation does. Diryu will be oke without me, I just watching from distance, wish diryu always full of happiness. I’ll still care with diryu. Salahkah? hmmm. Lets be happy!! 😀

  3. it just not about diryu anymore.
    you gotta listen MaliQ’s was that sang “buka mata, buka hati” repeated and repetead again.
    what a pity
    open your eyes, and take a deep breath and reach your dream, make ’em proud!

    • You should read my post, title is Coba Mengerti (kalo gak salah). Based on true story. Your life do with your own way, so do I. Thanks for remind me friend 🙂
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